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    Using Capture Frame from Video puts file into stack, cannot then get it to show up.


      Help! I always use this feature to capture a shot from some video footage from my DJI Phantom. It saves me time of having to snap lots of still pictures. When I used to use the "capture frame" drop down menu from the video playback bar in the library function, the frame I would capture would appear right next to the video in the line of photos at the bottom of the window. Now it shows up as a stack, and even though I have tried all the options under stacking when I right click on the selected frame, I only get a change in the way the stack icon shows up. I now don't see the captured file anywhere. This has only just recently been a problem so I am assuming an update changed something in my settings, or this is a bug. On a scale of 1-10 of my knowledge of this program, I am between a 2-3. So, if I am missing something simple, please keep that in mind. Thanks!