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    Combination of Phone and VoIP & Recording a session

    blackd0vey Level 1

      Need some help, pretty please.


      Here is what I’m trying to achieve:

      • Facilitate training using Adobe Connect with a mix of onsite/offsite audience:
        • onsite participants joining me in a training room
        • offsite participants joining through audio conference
        • At the same time, I need to use my USB headset to record our training sessions for future training materials purposes.


      How do I make this happen?


      This is what I’ve set up:

      • Set up the Adobe connect webinar with my Intercall audio profile so participants can dial in from their conference rooms
      • From the training room, initiated the webinar and used the option to Listen Only so I could use my USB headset
      • From the training room, used the conference phone to dial into the webinar and muted that line so participants can’t hear background noises from the room
      • Had a participant also dial into the webinar


      Problems encountered:

      • Participant was able to hear me speak through the USB headset but I could hear my voice echo through the conference phone line. I muted the participant thinking that would resolve the issue but I think it’s my audio set up causing the reverb.
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          Sally Cox ACP Level 3

          Sounds as though the participant had the audio coming out of their speakers and not the headset, hence the echo.


          The echo can also occur if you inadvertently logged into the room twice. Deleting the second instance fixes that.


          And finally, make sure everyone on the call does Audio Setup Wizard from the Meeting drop down menu.


          good luck!

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            flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            You were essentially having dual audio in the room. One through VoIP (your USB headset) and one through the phone.


            Your best option would be to use one or the other in the room you are broadcasting in. If you stick with just VoIP, you won't hear your audio come back through the headset (or whatever speakers your computer is outputting the audio from). If you use just the phone (and Connect is aware you are on the phone) it won't output audio through your computer speakers.


            If you dial in to the phone bridge and don't let Connect know you are that dial in, then you can mute the audio from the phone bridge to your computer by using the speaker icon at the top of the Connect room and muting your audio.


            Unfortunately, Connect donesn't have a method to let you listen to the audio on a phone while broadcasting on VoIP. You'll need to choose one or the other.