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    ADE access to books/can't unauthorize account




      I have an issue trying to unauthorize ADE in my computer.


      1- I accidentally created two Adobe ID/ accounts and downloaded two different books on each on ADE.

      2- I needed access to both books at the same time, so I called support services to delete or merge both accounts.

      3- They deleted one account so I was left with my current one.

      4- I went to download the book I needed on my current account and I got the message "Lic Already authorized to another user" and I can't download it.

      5- So I thought I could uninstall and install ADE. Did that twice, still got the same message.

      6- I thought I could unauthorize my account and try authorizing it again. ADE does not let me unauthorize my account because it doesn't recognize my password. In the process of trying to fix, at the beginning, I had changed my password twice with phone support help. I tried all the passwords I've had with this account, none of them work, included my current password.

      7- So I currently have no access to neither of the books and I can't unauthorize my account with ADE.


      I called Adobe support and they were unable to help me and direct me to online chat support. They said they were unable to help me either and mentioned I will be able to get help from the forum. So, please help me fix this issue. At this point I have no access to my book and I need them asap to be able to work.


      Thank you very much for your help. I hope to hear from you soon.