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    Want to extract document metadata and doc info via a script


      I'm not a Javascript nor Java programmer so I might be missing one or more steps.


      Looking at the Javascript info I have I see the following code:


      var r = new Report();





      The code doesn't seem to be working when run from the console. If I execute "this.metadata" I get the information that I expect. This suggests that the problem is with report creation and or saving the document.


      I haven't yet figured out how to get information out of the Doc Info dictionary.  This is another need.


      NOTE: In both cases (XMP and DocInfo) we're adding CUSTOM metadata.


      Ideally I'd like to save both sets of information XMP and DocInfo as XML . This way we can run a comparison between the two.


      Finally whatever code I end-up with needs to be able to run in the Action Wizard over about 10,000 files. If the input file is "file.pdf" the output should be "file.xml"