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    Typewriter tool doesn't behave correctly


      After initiating the tool, placing/ clicking the cursor, typing the text, no text is written. There is a small rectangle with tiny grip squares as expected, but the rectangle cannot be pulled or stretched either. In fact, it cannot be deleted. It is behaving just as if it were locked but before I am able to type anything into the rectangle.

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          YatharthS Adobe Employee

          Hi BillRS,


          Please Follow this thread to reset the preferences for the Acrobat software :- How to reset Preference settings in Acrobat.

          If the issue persist then would request you after opening the Acrobat,navigate to Help menu & repair the installation.




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            BillRS Level 1

            Thank you for your assistance. Your suggestion regarding the Preferences

            did not work. However, I discovered that there are at least two ways to

            invoke what was formerly called the Typewriter Tool. 1) under Comments/

            Annotations (this is still not working, and 2) under More Tools/ Content

            Editing - this *does *work. - So at least I have a work-around.


            Incidentally, I notice that many of the Comment tools, including lines,

            circles, etc., are locked when I first draw them. This means that I must

            unlock them to adjust the width of the line, or whatever. It dawned on me

            that the text tool may be pre-locked as well but in this case there is no

            way to click on Properties to unlock it. Do you know a way around this?



            Bill Simmons


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              BillRS Level 1

              By the way, I've reinstalled and repaired Acrobat a few times. No help.



              Bill Simmons


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                philippanmei Level 4

                Right click on the draw rectangular or circle, there you will find properties. In the properties dialog box uncheck the "Locked" box. Hope it might work.



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                  I right clicked on all tools and nothing was locked. Still having the same issue of not being able to comment within the PDF. Are there any solutions to this problem?



                  I believe I accidentally locked a tool when opening adobe. I have then since unlocked that tool and used it as normal. However, when I click on the "T" button, a text box appears on screen but when I type no text shows. The box to change the font/size/color is greyed out as well. This is strange because I can edit previous text boxes in the PDF but cannot create news ones. Any help resolving this issue asap would be appreciated.