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    Moved from Aperture to LR - video names did not come over


      I successfully moved from Aperture 3.6 on a Mac to LR 6.0 on a PC using the plugin.   I know, right?

      All good thus far - comparisons between Aperture projects & LR collections all good.  Everything is there.  The issue is videos came over, even with the rankings, but no file name - I guess that means that bit of the metadata didn't come over.  It comes across as the actual file name, not what it was renamed as in Aperture.  In other words, if I renamed "Clip1.mov" to "BikePark.mov" on Aperture, I now just have "Clip1.mov" - not very helpful for finding. 


      I've tried to rename the video in LR using library/rename photo but that errors cause it's a video.


      So my questions are:

      1) Lost the renamed name during conversion - how to get it back?

      2) Can you even rename videos in LR - and if so how?  And if not, wow. 



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          amya82879962 Level 1

          On closer look, some file names DID come over (not all) but 415 videos came over with an incorrect capture date (all of 1/1/1904) although they are landing in the correct date folder.  Example - video taken 7/5/2011 and it lands in the 2011/07 folder - however it has a capture date of 1/1/1904.  Is there another metadata field that really means taken on date?  Clearly the metadata is there if it is landing in the right folder.  Any tips?  Thanks.