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    How to move the end of story sign to the end of the page




      I'm new to InDesign and I've got a problem. The end of story sign (#) is at the top of some of  my page. There's text on the page, and I've tried to copy and paste it so that the text comes before the #, but it's not letting me do that for all of the pages. I've tried deleting text boxes, just in case there's more than one, and the ones where it won't let me move the # sign don't have any extra text boxes. I'm going to need to export the documents to epub, and I know that having the # sign at the top of the page is supposed to mess epubs up. Is there a way to get rid of the # sign or move it to the end of the page?

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          Migintosh Level 4

          The End of Story symbol will always be located at the end of a story. If you have it at the top of a page, it's probably because of an empty text frame. It could be a stray frame, or part of a chain of text frames whose previous page ends with a paragraph return that pushes the story to continue in a frame that has the cursor at the top of a blank frame, and because it's the end of the story, you will get the symbol. It could also be a no-content frame or a graphic frame that was clicked on with the text tool, which turns it into a blank text frame.