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    There's no "Export"?

    brittaflash Level 1

      Some of the agencies don't accept HTML5 format. My client's question: "When you output banners, are you able to output to a format other than HTML5?"

      But I HAVE NO IDEA because in the file menu my only options are "Save as" (html) or "Publish". I don't see an "Export"?


      Using Edge Animate CC 2015 via the cloud subscription.



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          brittaflash Level 1

          Oh wow this is confusing. I just realized that Edge Animate CC and Animate CC are 2 different things!? I have a bunch of Edge Animate files and they won't even open in Animate. Back to my original question—will Edge Animate export to any other formats? Is there a way to open Edge files in Animate?

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            Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            I moved this over to the Edge Animate forum for now, hopefully someone will have an answer you can immediately use. If you have more questions about recreating things in Adobe Animate, post a new question there. It can't open Edge Animate files, and the two tools do HTML5 in different ways.

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              ddhayles Level 3

              Your right Edge Animate and Animate CC are 2 completely different things. Animate CC which was renamed from Flash CC can export to different formats but Edge Animate can only export to HTML.


              Although it does seem odd that you are experiencing agencies not accepting HTML as this is now that standard for online advertising, Flash has all but disappeared as a format with most agencies no longer accepting it.


              Can I ask what format do need your banners exporting to?

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                brittaflash Level 1

                Thank you, that was the clarification that I needed. I'm asking what format they need, I might have to make a simplified gif.