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    File size very large when exporting

    jamessk12 Level 1

      I've tried reading a few blogs and articles about file size but I'm still struggling when rendering my video.


      After following some tutorials I have use the Media Encoder to render the video due to the lovely presets they have, I've tried YouTube 720p and 1080p and the file size is over 140MB for a 1.25min video. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.


      Is this anyone that can kindly help me to understand further about the exporting/rendering process?


      I understand now that I should have probably used Premiere Pro for a simply adding text to the end of a video but I do like a challenge and would love to get more involved with After Effects as the things it can do is amazing and motion graphics really fascinates me. I also understand that After Effects is for exporting into other tools for further production (I learnt that the hard way when my export went to 4GB on my first attempt before reading any blogs or viewing YouTube tutorials)


      Any help would be much appreciate, thanks

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Do you mean one hour and 20 minutes or one minute and 25 seconds? If it's about an hour and a half then that's about right. If you messed with the presets and did anything other than changed the rendering to Multi Pass rendering (I recommend doing that), and you are using h.264 and rendering an mp4 then you are getting what you should be getting for file size. If you jacked up the data rate or changed anything else all bets are off.


          Without more information and a clarification on your project length that's about all I've got for you.


          Here's one workflow hint. If you wanted to use AE to add titles to the end of your video then I would have either taken just the last shot or if the video is already rendered, opened up the video in the Footage Panel and set the in and out point to just the part you wanted to modify in AE. You then render that part separately and put the project together in your NLE (premiere pro). My average AE comp is under 7 seconds. My average movie is 20 minutes plus. In about half of my projects more more than 60% of the shots have effects or other modifications that I add in AE but I never render the final from AE. It just takes too long. It's also way to hard to make changes to a long comp and it's way too hard to see how the story flows in AE.


          One more thing, Make sure you vet the folks on YouTube that are presenting tutorials. More than half of them point you to inefficient workflows and poor techniques that will lead you down a dead-end alley. The quickest way to find decent training in AE is to type something like "rendering" or "exporting" or "Shatter" to use that effect in the Search Help field at the top right corner of AE. Most of the community resources you will find are from folks you can trust.