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    Comp Viewer doesn't refresh

    Zulkifar2 Level 1

      Hi everybody,

      since a few days ago I've noticed a very annoying problem with the Comp Viewer preview. Quite often the preview doesn't refresh.

      This happens when, for example, I move a layer in the comp. When I move a shape layer for example I can see the anchor point moving and the bounding box as well, but the image doesn't update. Sometimes it happens even when I delete some layers: the layers are gone but they are still visible in the Comp Viewer.
      All I need to do to have the image updated is to scroll through the timeline, sometimes zooming in and out. This works if I use the mouse but not using the keyboard shortcuts.

      Do you have any suggestion to fix this problem?


      I'm on a Mac Pro, OS El Capitan and running AE