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    Email link with customer's admin email address


      We include an email link in our product's Webhelp to allow our users to send us feedback on specific topics (none received so far but I live in hope that someone, somewhere, reads the help...).


      A customer has asked if it's possible to include an email link in the help topics that will send an email to that customer's sys admin.


      Clearly, a search and replace on all the htm files would do the trick, e.g. to replace my company's doc feedback email address with the customer's email on the Send Feedback link. But is there a more elegant way of doing this?


      • The email address used in the link could be specified when the product help is installed. The installer would go through all the htm files and make the replacement.
      • The email address could be specified in a separate file and included somehow in all the htm files, so only one file would need to be changed by the installer.


      Anyone solved this already? Is the 2nd option above even possible?


      cheers, Julie

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          Willam van Weelden Level 5

          I am assuming that you are looking to simply send en email from the user's system, right? If it is to be send automatically in the background, you need a server side solution.


          I see two options: variable sets and JavaScript.

          • With variable sets, you set the email address as a variable. And you configure a set for every customer. But this will make you end up with a unique output per customer.
          • With JavaScript, you put all the logic for the email link into a script. Then you have just the single file where the email address is stored. So only one place to update. See Peter's site for script examples: Email This Topic
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