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    How to switch from Behance/Prosite subscription to Adobe portfolio subscription?


      Until today. I had a website based on Behance and Prosite and the subscription is €11,00 a month. Now, I have created a new website via Adobe Portfolio (since Prosite will discontinue as of June2016). I understood that the monthly costs will stay similar.

      - 1st question: If I disconnect my BehanceProsite subscription of €11,00/month, do I only cancel my Prosite website (which is okay) or also my Behance portfolio (which is not okay)? I need to keep up my Behance portfolio since it supports my Adobe Portfolio website.

      -2nd question: Can I run my new Adobe Portfolio website on a free subscription of Creative Cloud? Or can I keep my monthly costs at a similar level with another subscription?


      Thanks for your advice!