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    Scam or Viruses posing as Flash Update!!


      Anyone else having a "bona fide" looking Adobe Flash update webpage show up with a separate Download UI window claiming to be Adobe Flash, BUT the website address bar says, "https://ziejaweleda.org/9903093391632/9903093391632/146161208081479/FlashPlayer.exe" ??  Just earlier today, but I think it has happened once before also.


      I find this HIGHLY ALARMING!! It replaced a Wunderground weather page while I was away from the computer a few hours.  Luckily, I didn't just assume it really was legit, so I didn't click it.  WTH is going on?  I'm pretty sure Adobe would want to know if some hacker is using their "look" to install nasty shtuff on clients' PC's!


      BUT... if ziejaweleda.org IS Adobe under another name for some CRAZY reason, WE SHOULD KNOW!!!  AND...you should SKIP forcing posters to CHOOSE A COMMUNITY when there's NO Flash and NO Security or any proper category!!  Wasted my time trying to help you, Adobe!


      Win-7x64, 3.4 to 3.8GHz Quad core i5, 16GB RAM, SATA3 mobo & sys SSD plus Data HDD's, AMD Radeon 7800HD 2GB....blah, blah.