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    Possible bug with page.bounds if RulerOrigin.SPINE_ORIGIN ?


      Hello all,
      I am trying to reliably retrieve "spread bounds" which, if I did not miss anything, is only possible via page bounds. So, to get the spread bounds I would do something like this:


      var spreadBounds = [spread.pages[0].bounds[0],
                          spread.pages[-1].bounds[3] ];


      (this assumes that all pages have the same height)


      Now, this does work most of the times, but when I have my viewPreferences.rulerOrigin set to RulerOrigin.SPINE_ORIGIN, it always seems to assume that pages[0].bounds[1] is 0, even if it is some negative value. However, when I retrieve geometricBounds of pageItems, everything works as expected.


      Consider this script:

      #target InDesign 
      var doc = app.documents.add(); 
      doc.documentPreferences.facingPages = true; 
      doc.documentPreferences.pagesPerDocument = 3; 
      var spread = doc.spreads[1]; 
      doc.viewPreferences.rulerOrigin = RulerOrigin.SPINE_ORIGIN; 
      var rect = spread.rectangles.add(); 
      alert("Rectangle left bound: " + rect.geometricBounds[1]); // --> -209,999 
      alert("Spread left bound: " + doc.spreads[1].pages[0].bounds[1]); // --> 0 


      If you try this, you will find that the resulting rectangle's left bound is exactly at the left edge of the first page, however, two different values are returned.


      Is this a bug, or am I missing something obvious here? Oh, and this is happening in CS6, I cannot test it for any other versions.