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    SCORM 1.2 compliant output


      Hi all,

      what is the proper method to publish SCORM compliant html5 projects from animate cc?

      many thanks in advance.

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          Yarik V. Level 1

          This is interesting question for me too. I think about upgrade from flash cs6 to animate cc, but its very important first to know how to publish html5 output as SCORM 1.2.  From flash cs6 i make it via Flash learning interaction library. But this is AS3_based.

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            ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

            SCORM conformance has nothing to do with how you publish your content. What makes something minimally SCORM-conformant is that it has a manifest, and sends LMS init and finish commands. For those you need a SCORM manifest maker and a SCORM wrapper. Google around, there's lots of them out there. Also you'll want to grab the SCORM Conformance Test Suite (CTS) from adlnet.org.

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              I feel your pain ... trying to force Captivate to do things beyond the box and found out Captivate does not play well with our LMS (Cornerstone). I considered using Animate, as I use to develop all eLearning in Flash, but could not locate the SCORM publish settings.