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    What's up with my PDF - is this really a font? "AllAndNone"


      I have a PDF in which I need to change a couple of details using the TouchUp Text tool. However, I am unable to do that because I don't have the correct fonts available. The problem is that when I look at the font properties of the file it only lists one font "AllAndOne (included)", with Type = CIDType0 and Encoding = Identity H.


      This can't be right. The document contains at least a bold and a regular version of this font. It also contains a monospaced font for some numbers (probably OCR). Googling for this font name returns a lot of search spam where, what looks like, hijacked domains offer this font "for free" with the download listed as 20-30 MB but when you actually download it you get a 70 kB exe or pkg, which I assume is some kind of malware (I'm on a Mac). Neither does MyFonts or similar list this font.


      What is this AllAndNone font? Some kind of placeholder for unknown fonts or similar?


      Two samples, bold and regular.