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    bootstrap messing with my Adobe Edge Animate project


      Hello everyone !

      I have the following problem:


      I've made a web page with bootstrap 3.3.6 and everything looks just fine.

      I've made a project with adobe edge animate which is a banner with animations and my menu.

      Booth works smootly separated but once put together the css code of bootstrap mess with the css of my adobe edge animate project !


      To be more specific, my <p> texte</p> is moved when i roolover it (it is put on the left and doesn't go back to its original position). But when I erase my :

      <link rel="stylesheet" ...bootstrapcdn.com...> it's working just fine... but my whole website isn't.


      How can I prevent the css of bootstrap to mess with my Edge project ?


      Thank you very much


      a french guy