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    Text flow issue


      I’m working on a title I haven’t worked on before (previously set in Word) and coming up against an issue I haven’t had before. Every now and then I get a load of white space at the bottom of a page, as if there is a page break inserted, or a really long footnote which is set to not split.

      There is definitely no page break, and no other random non-printing characters. Keep Options are all turned off. Footnotes are set to split. If I make the text frame huge I can force it to reflow, and then the footnote happily splits.

      There is no long URL or anything causing problems. I just can’t figure it out! There is nothing odd in the Word file either. There are no No Breaks or anything like that showing in the hidden characters.

      I've also been having this problem on pages with no footnotes or tables or anything. I have a paragraph ending in a line with three words - those three words insist on going at the top of the next page, even when there is plenty of space for them on the previous page. If I try changing the leading to make the paragraph not end with those three words, it brings back the first two lines of the next paragraph instead. I can't seem to separate the two paragraphs onto two pages, whatever I do.


      Any ideas??