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    Media Count | Glitch? | Move to a new project - How?

    BruceTR Level 1

      Premiere Elements 14.  Windows 7 Pro.


      My project has 344 actual / legitimate / added-by-me media... all video clips.  However, ever since I added some Motion Titles, the "media counter" (which appears at the bottom of the screen when a project is opened) shows 15,000+ media.  The 344 media have been edited in various ways, primarily length and color.


      I would like to move the 344 actual media into a new start-from-scratch project... in order to get away from the glitch that has caused the media to swell to 15,000+.  I don't want to export the project as a movie... I don't want to lose the ability to still edit the clips.


      Is there a way to move the 344 clips and their edits such that I will have a new, start-from-scratch project... that's not an exported movie?




      P.S. I'm not asking how to save the project with a different name. I know how to do this. The problem with this is that it keeps the glitched, extra 14,000+ media.