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    Premiere Elements incompatible w/ Nvidia GTX 960m :(


      Hi guys,


      Crashes on startup, every time, when trying to run the program with my high-performance graphics card (instead of my low-power integrated card).


      I've spent hours researching / tried every recommendation in these forums... installing / clean reinstalling drivers for both display adapters I have (Intel integrated HD Graphics 530 + Nvidia GTX 960m); Windows compatibility options; ensuring / ensuring / ensuring all drivers and Premiere Elements is up-to-date; forcing Windows to only use the Nvidia card; reinstalling Premiere Elements... no dice.


      Frustrating problem, as one of the main reasons for buying this particular machine (Acer Aspire V Nitro 592G) was to use it's high-performance card for video editing projects... Note that I can use Photoshop Elements with the better card! Starts up no problem, as does everything else... just not PE12.


      Has anyone ever successfully ran Premiere Elements 12 utilizing this particular GPU? It seems as if they're just simply incompatible!