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    Missing Fonts

      I'm working on a pc and I need to update a flash document that was created by someone else. The font used Helvetica 75 Bold. This font show up in illustrator and photoshop but not in flash or dreamweaver.

      A designer I know said that it will show up as Helvetica 55 Roman Bold. I tried this but the font isn't there.

      Could you help me out with this?
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          jhutchdublin Level 1
          I know in Dreamweaver you would have to add the font to have it appear. It only provides 6 fonts so as you can be sure the font is available on everyone's machine.

          Flash is a strange one. It usually reads whatever's installed on the machine and makes them available. If the font isn't there it doesn't show

          Do you have Helvetica Bold75 installed on the machine?