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    Where the InDesignCC will run

    jochens5907408 Level 1

      I want to implement a Plug-In for InDesign to handle the communictation between the work items of our work flow solution  and the InDesign-Application.

      As I can't get support for the CS5.5-Suite, I've started the download of a testversion of InDesignCC a while ago.

      The term 'is downloading' is greyed but I can not see an action.

      My first question is due to the download process. How to activate the download?


      My second question is due to the application to run.

      As we will ship an XML, which shall be read by the Plug-In, it is of interest, if the sources wil be installed on the local disc and will be run from there?

      Kind regards

      Jochen Seliger