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    Parser cannot read file or clipboard 50 :: 0


      HI everyone,



      This question may seem redundant of other posts, but it has a slightly different error than I've seen on here.


      Today I tried to update my Adobe AE. It failed repeatedly. I'm not sure if that's causing the issue, but just getting that out up front.


      I open my normal project file, and when I opened a specific credit template, I got the error you see in the title.



      I've seen people say "Copy something new to your clipboard." Well, I copied text, command C and what not, and that didn't fix it.


      When I open this template, all the background assets are missing (the title, the alpha layer, etc).


      It's almost like the source assets are gone, but it's not seeing media offline or anything to indicate as such.


      It flashes this error box repeatedly, until I open a different task, or shut down the program.