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    Lightroom 6.5/2015.5 won't export 1080p slideshow video

    HunterPhotographic Level 1

      After resisting upgrading to the latest Lightroom over the whole import process fiasco, I finally bit the bullet and upgraded. Now I can't export slideshows as a mp4 video file in 1080p. I'm only doing 78 photos that are sync to 1 song. It should have a finished length of 4 minutes. In the past, this was not an issue. When set to 1080p export, the process starts, but never progresses at all. It just sits at basically 1% forever. If I change to 720p, it works just fine.


      I've tried restarting Lightroom and the computer multiple times. Nothing works. This is on a 2014 MacPro, so horsepower is not a problem.