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    fileReference over SSL, what's going on

      Good day kind people. I recently started playing around with the fileReference class and I guess I'm late to the party but I can't seem to find any info newer than late 2005 explaining what, if anything, can be done to allow firefox to function correctly over SSL when using the fileRefence class.

      The issue I'm talking about is hardcoding port 443 into the url of the processing page only to have firefox return the resutls over port 80, thus breaking the upload process all together.

      I'm unfortunately in a position where I have to run my server over SSL and most people using my app are using firefox. If there are any updates on how to work around this issue I'd greatly appreciate it. I've checked all over this forum and the web and all info seems to date to last year, what's happened since then?

      Thanks for any information you can provide.