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    Flash Video Files

      I am trying to display a few video clips in a Flash file. We do not have a Flash Comm Server. Do I need one to display progressive downloading files? The files are small and users will all be on a high speed connection, so I don't need streaming files. Can they be placed on a regular web server?

      I have tried to set the MIME type, but still can't display the video. Another option is using a Windows Media Server. The .fla file has trouble with the mms:// link though. Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated.
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          Nickels55 Level 2
          I post videos on my server all the time, and it is just a regular server. Just make sure the link to your flv file is correct, and that you have it set for progressive downloading. If you are using Flash 8 this should be a fairly simple task.

          On a regular server like mine the disadvantage is that the file is saved in the users cache, so it is not really protected. Using a Media server has more advantages like the content streams and no cache file is created, but it is more expensive.

          Posting links to your content is very helpful for finding the problem.
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            weanderson Level 1
            Thanks for the help. Not sure what changed, but I created an example that I could post and then all of the flash files with video worked fine. I don't think I gave the MIME change long enough to take effect.

            Thanks again.