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    Transfer from ADE to Nook not working


      I have an older Nook.  I bought a new PC 5 months ago.  It uses Windows 10.  I cannot successfully transfer books I've downloaded from my public library to my Nook.  There is a transfer taking place but when I access the book in Documents it shows the author as "Unknown Author".  The title is shown correctly.  When I try to open the book I receive an error message saying the book is unavailable/has been returned.  The book has not been returned.  It's still in ADE where I can open it and read it.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled ADE.  I have unauthorized and re-authorized my Nook.  Neither step solved this problem.  I know the Nook can still accept books correctly because I used my old computer to do this a few days ago.


      How do I make my new computer transfer to my Nook correctly?