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    New Mac Pro and AE

    badmonk Level 1



      Hey guys, this is the spec of the mac pro i am thinking of buying but having read a lot of posts on here i am holding off.

      i mainly use premier pro and after effects and would like to know if anyone has the same or similar system to me please and also using PP and AE and what do they think re speed etc please?

      Any info would be great, thanks

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          It sounds OK for AE, but I recommend posing the same question in the Premiere forum.  PP relies on hardware a lot more than AE.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The vast majority of people only come to these forums if they are having an issue. If you want more of a community in which to ask the question, I'd recommend /r/AfterEffects on Reddit or maybe the After Effects forum on the Creative COW.


            That being said, I have a 2011 MacBook Pro running El Capitan that I've added RAM and an SSD to and AE CC 2015 works at a very nice speed - in fact, a little faster than I expected. But I have expectations based on my experience, so how much experience do you have working with AE?


            Let's run down the spec sheet. I am just coming at this from an After Effects point of view. For Premiere Pro answers, you'll have to ask in that forum.


            The multiple cores in your processor don't matter much for AE CC 2015 since the AE team is in the middle of creating a new architecture to replace the old and crumbling multiprocessing system that was present in older versions of AE and the current version doesn't render across all your cores. However, sometimes things will render faster with multiple cores in the older versions vs. the half-finished CC 2015. So, having six cores might be very useful! The AE team recommends installing AE CC 2014 alongside CC 2015 - that's what I've done).


            The clock speed looks good. You want that as fast as possible.


            The GPU's don't matter for the current version of AE unless you are using some third-party plugins like Element or Red Giant Universe that render on the GPU. The upcoming version of AE promises to have at least a few effects accelerated by the GPU, but I wouldn't be too excited about that until we know more. (Remember, GPU does matter for Premiere, but I don't know if what you have is good or if having multiple helps with anything - you'll have to ask them.)


            The RAM is good.


            Ideally you'd have one SSD for your OS and applications, one SSD for AE's cache, and a separate (large) regular hard drive to store your footage, renders, etc., but I know Apple doesn't give you a lot of options in that area (one of many reasons I don't buy Macs for my main workstations anymore).


            Again, AE CC 2015 is the first step in a major re-architecture, separating the renderer from the UI for the first time in AE's 20+ year history. This is a necessary step for improving After Effects performance, but it's taking a while (and multiple versions) for them to get through it. During this time of transition as they're introducing elements of the new architecture, sometimes people have issues with AE. So if something in AE CC 2015 seems a bit weird, just try AE CC 2014.

            Now, I've had great success with CC 2015 - especially since the 13.6 update (and they're on 13.7.2 for Macs now) - and lots of people I talked with at NAB last week are enjoying it too, so I would expect things to work well for you as well. If not, you can come on here for help.


            I hope that was useful.

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              badmonk Level 1

              thanks for the reply