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    Tech DeLand - See how DeLand is using Technology to attract more visitors


      Presentation #1 

      Chris Cook will be talking about the new Distrx app designed specifically for Main Street shopping districts. The app makes it easy to explore shopping and entertainment districts across the country from your smartphone. We'll learn more about what a Stetson focus group thought about the Distrx app and how DeLand merchants can use it to promote their businesses.


      Presentation #2

      We'll be launching a new DeLand Events focused website. This website is designed to attract visitors from nearby areas looking for "things to do in Central Florida". We're using the web to spread the message that locals already know, DeLand always seems to have something to do. The website is enhanced by a social media presence, stunning photography and consistent updates. The official launch is at our next Tech DeLand. Don't miss it!