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    EncodeForHTML & HTMLEditFormat: Formatting is different when exporting to pdf

    DeliK Level 1

      I am using ColdFusion 11 and have just started using the EncodeForHTML function instead of HTMLEditFormat whenever I need to display text that the user has entered, usually via a textarea.  We need to save the formatting so that information the user has entered remains understandable.  Users have a choice of whether to display the info to the screen or export to a pdf.  We are using EncodeForHTML to make the displayed info safer and we are using <pre> to retain the required formatting.


      My problem is that when I need to export the data to a pdf, then EncodeForHTML acts differently than HTMLEditFormat does.  For some reason, I get extra lines inserted.


      Here's some sample code.  Just save to a cfm and run:


      <cfsavecontent variable="f">This is my sample data.
      Value 1  20%
      Value 2  30%
      Value 3  50%


      Here's my summary of this data.


      <cfhtmltopdf saveasname="MyTest.pdf">
      <cfoutput>With EncodeForHTML: <pre>#encodeForHTML(f)#</pre></cfoutput>
      <cfoutput>With HTMLEditFormat: <pre>#HTMLEditFormat(f)#</pre></cfoutput>


      The HTMLEditFormat version shows up correctly.  Any idea how to work around this problem?