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    Transfer text style from Photoshop to InDesign

    Small Town Gal Level 1

      Dear All,

      I'm about ready to tear my hair out on this one.  I have created a layer of text in Adobe Photoshop using the Orange Gradient with shadow style from the styles panel.  The text layer appears over a photograph.  How can I bring that text layer into InDesign and work with it there over the same photograph?  I've tried saving it to the CC library, but I can't seem to get that to work for me.  Copy and paste does not keep the style format.  I would think there should be an easy way to do this.  Saving as a psd file doesn't work, either -- nothing lets me edit and work with the style in InDesign if I want to change some of the words, etc.  Gosh, this is frustrating, and I must be missing something simple.  I can't seem to keep the layers feature when moving from Photoshop to InDesign.  I am a monthly subscriber and also have Illustrator and other Adobe software.  Should I be using one of these?  I want to create a magazine in InDesign using some of the photos and text from Photoshop because I like the styles feature there, but can't seem to get anything to work for me.  Thanks.

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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Placing as a PSD or PDF is the way to do this.

          To make changes to the text, right-click from within InDesign and use Edit Original. This will open your document in Photoshop, and the saved changes will be applied when you return to InDesign.  


          As a side note, for text with effects, Illustrator may be the best place to create it, and then place it as an AI into InDesign.


          As for layers, you can control which layers in a Photoshop or Illustrator document are shown from within InDesign, but you cannot work directly with the layers. Each program has its strengths and weaknesses, and they are meant to be used together.

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Actually placing it as a PDF would be a far better choice. You won’t be able to edit it in InDesign but the text will remain vector.


            Use the PDP file extension for easier use with edit original.

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              Small Town Gal Level 1

              Dear SJRiegel,


              By golly, I think this is going to work -- and the sad part is that I knew about the Edit Original right click option, but it didn't dawn on me.  I'll give these suggestions a try, because I do like the style options in Photoshop.  I'll report back.  Thanks!

              Small Town Gal