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    Exporting a pdf in indesign so that the threaded and linked text frames in indesign are honoured.


      Please forgive me if this is posted somewhere I have been trolling the net for half my working day. So apologies.....


      I layout a monthly 48pp newspaper and at the end of it all I must copy all the text from every story (roughly between 60 - 80 stories), strip all formatting and paste into textedit, individually.  These get sent to be uploaded and archived on our website via HTML.  As you can imagine this is very time consuming so I thought I would investigate easier ways.  I've called the people who upload the files to our website and they have mentioned that I am able to send them pdfs of the whole newspaper, BUT I need to make sure that when they extract the text, the stories that are layout across multiple pages will still be able to be collected as one full story.  So is there are way of exporting a pdf in indesign so that the threaded and linked text frames in indesign are honoured???


      I would be happy for other suggestions other than the one I've just mentioned...  I've tried David Blatner's script suggestion ExportAllStories  http://indesignsecrets.com/exporting-all-stories-text-rtf.php.  The only issue is it grabs every single text box and I don't want to delete every caption text box as well as edit the name. Im not a scripter but if anyone could figure out how to export specific threaded text boxes in the newspaper, use the headline as the title of the file then I'd be the happiest little camper!


      Any other solutions would be welcomed.