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    importing from iPhone, I check Don't import suspected duplicates but it does


      This happens intermittently, but I am at a roadblock today.


      The title is the summary, but here are the gory details


      Latest OS X on a MacBook Pro

      Latest CC (LR)

      iPhone 6S Plus with latest iOS


      I got a new iPhone a week ago (went from 5S to 6S Plus).

      Just before I got the new phone I did an import to LightRoom and a backup to iTunes of my old iPhone, which was also at the newest iOS.

      I loaded my new iPhone with the backup from iTunes - lots of photos since 6 February went onto the new iPhone.

      Yesterday I did a new import from my new iPhone to LR - everything worked smoothly.  No duplicates were imported.

      I took a bunch of iPhone photos today.

      Now when I try to import it shows all the photos on the iPhone not grayed out and with the checkmark and with the directories on the right indicating the number of files that will be headed to each (I use YYYY/MM/DD folders for all my photos from three cameras) even though I check "Don't import suspected duplicates".

      In the past I have searched for every file with *-2.JPG in its name and deleted them (in LR, not Finder) - but I'm tired of it.


      I'm doing a workshop with my cam