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    Print and _xscale

      I use the following code to print a series of pages that are dynamically created from user input (run when user clicks "print" button.

      The printout is fine, but the window is zoomed in way too far. Adjusting the _xscale and _yscale to 10 instead of 100 and I can see the movieclip (like it was before I clicked "print") - except that it's only at 10% of original scale (as specified in code). However, if I use the right mouse click I can zoom out, and see the rest of my application, which seems to have moved to the left ~500px, and again, is zoomed in.

      Tracing the values of print_mc, it is reset to the correct x,y,_xscale, and _yscale values, so I don't see anything wrong there. What does seem wrong, is that the main (root?) mc zoomed in for some reason.

      Anyone else have this problem? Suggestions to resolve/troubleshoot?

      Thanks in advance!
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          jeffdenman Level 1
          After some testing, I have a little more info to provide. If I right-click, and click on Show All, which is already checkmarked, the window shows everything (as it should), and the Show All stays checked. So, what in the above code tells Flash to scale in as far as it did, when I explicitly tell just the print_mc to scale?
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            jeffdenman Level 1
            After a little more testing this bug only occurs after I execute the .addpage statement. If I comment out that line, it doesn't zoom at all.