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    Was misled about CC before purchase [unable to sync Lightroom catalogue via the Cloud for use on two different computers]


      I have been using LR for years and currently run LR6 on my iMac at home.  I have been wanting to be able to import and do simple editing of photos on my MacBook but maintain one library.  This is what I thought CC did.  So I jump on Adobe's website and go to the purchase page.  Then click on the chat button and I ask the Adobe associate... I specifically say, and I QUOTE "I have no desire to use a mobile device, what I want to do is manage my LR catalog from my iMac and my MacBook."  She tells me this is possible.


      So I purchase and download LRCC.  I'm looking at it now and it definitely doesn't appear to do what the Adobe associate told me it would do.  I expected after installing on my iMac there would be a long sync process to the cloud and then when I open LRCC on my MacBook and log in, my library would be there and edits would be synced.  If I import photos on either computer, they'd show up on the other.


      If this is not possible, why, given how I described my intended use, did the Adobe associate not tell me, that's not what it does?  I have been reading on this and various forums for YEARS that people want to share a single Lightroom catalog across computers.  Who the hell wants to edit photos on their iPhone.  If that's all CC does this is the dumbest product I've ever heard of.