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    Indesign Exports with wrong dimensions

    tristanra Level 1

      Hello Everyone,


      I have a Indesign file with multiple Ads with different dimensions. A week ago, I could export the images with their correct pixels. (200x200, 250x360, 240x400, etc)


      Currently, when I export any of these Ads, the 200x200 turns into 213x203 and is consistently different with each dimension.


      I am exporting with these export PNG:

      • Quality: Maximum
      • Format Method: Baseline
      • Resolution (ppi): 72
      • Color Space: RGB
      • Anti-alias


      When exporting I highlight the specific Ad and use "Selection".


      When I create a new InDesign File at the specific dimensions 200 x 200 pixels and copy the Ad with the right dimension over to this new file. I can export using "Export All", which works. If I select and export "Selection", it reverts back to the 213x203.


      Anyone know why this has changed all of a sudden and how to get this back to normal?