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    Flex for Mac

      Could anybody direct me to information about the development of flex for macintosh? Thanks.
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          Simeon Bateman Level 2
          Well I have blogged a lot about my working with flex on the mac ( http://simb.net).

          But the quick run down is that due to a bug in java on the mac, flex builder is not due out for the mac until after the initial release.

          However because the sdk has been made available you can use any text / xml editor you like to write and compile swf's using flex on the mac. Because Flex Data Services are just a j2ee server, you can already use it on the mac. And they do have the Flash 8.5 player for the mac as well.

          So with the exception of Flex Builder as an IDE there is nothing keeping us from developing on our macs
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            MatsLykke Level 1
            Thank you for your answer - ill follow your blog