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    Renew My Subscription recurring loop of death - HELP

    reaganistads Level 1

      The problem: Whenever I launch a CC app (I am subscribed to the full suite for a year), the "Renew Subscription" dialog box pops up. I select "Try again", and a "Thank You" dialog box pops up. I click "Continue", and the "Renew Subscription" box pops up again. Rinse and repeat. I've tried all the troubleshooting and no luck.


      This issue first happened about a week ago. I contacted support, and they acknowledge that there is a server problem connected to my account causing it to not see that my account is paid and active. They told me I would get a resolution in 48 hours. 48 hours later, I was told I would have a resolution in 48 hours. No resolution yet.


      I've never had such a miserable customer service experience before in my life. Adobe's apps are critical to many people's livelihoods, but the best they can do when someone can't access the product they paid for is tell them "you'll hear back in 2-3 days".


      I am missing deadlines and multiple projects because of this. Someone please tell me you have a solution? I've tried help articles, online chats, and even contacting them on Twitter to no avail. I might even have to shut down my business if this can't get resolved.

      Please help!!