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    Adding Qualifier and Unit to InDesign Dictionary.


      Is there a way I can get InDesign to recognise units (such as centimetre abbreviated to 'cm') together with the preceding qualifier, i.e. 3cm or 6cm, or 30mph?  It is frustrating that each time I write a different, for example, distance or speed, it is seemingly identified as a 'new word'. InDesign obviously recognizes a preceding qualifier (i.e. $34.78) but not a following qualifier. Engineers, and others, require the qualifier 'one with' the unit so simply adding 'cm' as a word and leaving a space is not an option. Many thanks. Ken

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'd say that it's because the $ is a symbol and 3cm where 3 and C and M are all individual characters.


          You could do a search for in GREP




          Change to

          Leave blank


          Change formatting

          Double click the empty box there - and navigate to Advanced Formatting and set it to No Language.



          Alternatively, if you're using Paragraph Styles


          Setup a new character style called No Language - and in the Advanced Formatting section set it to No Language



          In the Paragraph Style go to GREP and insert




          and choose the new No Language



          This sets the \d (digit) + (keep looking for digits) ? (stop looking at end of string) (cm|mm|mph) where the brackets indicate a group and the pipe | indicates OR



          Of course this also means that if it's 10.45cm or 10.456 cm it won't work - well it will find either .45cm and not .456 cm as there's a space.


          So you could do




          Not sure how well that would work though - as I haven't tried it.

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            kenm33329161 Level 1



            Thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to respond to my query.


            I haven’t yet tested it out but am confident enough to guess you know what you are talking about – you certainly sound as though you do! – and have marked your answer as ‘Correct’.


            Once again, many thanks.


            With kind regards,



            Perth, Western Australia