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    Not able to install flash player on my Macbook late 2008


      I tried to installed flash player following all procedure on the trobleshoot but nothing work. What could it be?



      MacBook (13-inch, Aluminum, Late 2008)

      OS: El Capitan OS X 10.11.14


        Model Name:                         MacBook

        Model Identifier:                   MacBook5,1

        Processor Name:                Intel Core 2 Duo

        Processor Speed:               2 GHz

        Number of Processors:       1

        Total Number of Cores:       2

        L2 Cache:                            3 MB

        Memory:                              8 GB

        Bus Speed:                         1.07 GHz

        Boot ROM Version:             MB51.007D.B03

        SMC Version (system):       1.32f8

        Serial Number (system):     W8907DUL1AQ

        Hardware UUID:                  F56D87EE-7C2D-5086-BEDE-0B13028B675B

        Sudden Motion Sensor:

          State:            Enabled


      this is my machine bios.






      Model Name: MacBook

        Model Identifier: MacBo