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    My Flash Player stops loading and playing half way through - Help!

    anthonya90097868 Level 1


      On my Chrome AND Firefox browsers for Windows 10 (flash player 21,0,0,216 installed on Chrome) each time i watch a particular video, the buffer or loading gets to about half way through before it skips to the end and subsequently the video only plays half way.

      I have tried

      - Cleared my web browsers cache and history

      - Removed all websites in to flash player storage settings panel

      - Restarted my computer/ browser/ modem,

      - Uninstalling and reinstalling flash

      - Tried to increase the global storage settings (will not save)

      - Contacted the website of the video and they confirmed there is no issues on there end and to rub salt on the wound sent a print screen of the video past 50%

      - The website even gave me another log in to try however it still didn't work


      I would appreciated anyone's help, thanks in advance and good luck.