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    after effects CC2014 network rendering 'rcf file invalid'

    georgeh2753284 Level 1



      Am needing to setup network rendering as i have a huge file 1 machine wont be able to handle by itself. I have followed numerous tutorials, tried setting up a test file that doesn't use any plugins etc to troubleshoot but having no luck. I keep getting 'invalid rcf file' on the render node machines. If i just start render engine on the machine i created the collected output and rcf file, it picks up the folder and starts rendering no problem, just not on other machines


      Each of the machine is running AE CC 2014, as mentioned I've setup a file with no plugins just to rule this out the equation. One thing i have noticed is that each machine is running a different build version of AE CC 2014. This build version is referenced in the rcf file i have seen. The only thing that would make me think this isn't an issue is that we had network rendering  working extremely briefly, but never figured out the sequence to get it working again , so just seemed like pure luck.


      Please any help would be greatly appreciated


      running pc's. But assuming this is a cross platform feature as long as drives are mapped correctly and folders are shareable