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    Color Finesse reverting to trial mode


      Hey there!


      I'm having some problems with Color Finesse on After Effects. I'm using Color Finesse 3 LE with After Effects CC 2015 and the problem is that it keeps reverting to trial mode every now and then. I've been using this plugin for two years now, and I never had any problem -maybe every few months it asked me to register the product again and that was it. But since a month ago or so it's being a nightmare, since it keeps reverting to trial mode up to three times a day. I've contacted Synthetic Aperture technical support with no success..


      Any suggestion about why can this be happening?

      Any help would be more than welcome.



      Some info:

      I'm using Windows 7 Professional 2009.

      Color Finesse 3 LE Version 3.0.14 (309)

      After Effects CC 2015 version

      Install was normal and installed on boot drive. I use After Effects CC via Creative Cloud. My account has two uses (which is specified as normal by Adobe).


      Thank you!!

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hopefully Bob Currier can help you.

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            Bob Currier Level 3

            I'm not sure what would be causing this. Once you've registered Color Finesse it should certainly stay registered. You are current with the software and have a commonly used configuration. Here are some thoughts that may help:


            The Color Finesse registration information is stored in the Windows Registry, so changes to that, or anti-virus software that limits Registry changes, could cause Color Finesse to "lose" the registration. If the pink-line problem is happening often enough, you might try temporarily disabling your anti-virus software, or at least the "Registry protection" portion of it to see if it helps.


            Registration of the bundled version of Color Finesse is done on a per-user basis, so if you are changing users it will prompt you to register again. But once each user has registered once it should not ask again or enter demo mode.


            Although the bundled version of Color Finesse never expires, changing the system clock excessively may trigger the pink lines. This seems unlikely.


            Registration is done somewhat differently in the bundled version versus our downloadable version. You can try downloading the Color Finesse installer from our website and using it to install the "LE" version of Color Finesse. Be sure to write down your current serial number (found in the Color Finesse About dialog) before trying this, and to select the "LE" version when the installer asks. One advantage of using the downloaded installer is that registration is done for all users, not just the current user.


            I hope something in all that helps. If not let me know. I'm most interested in what changed recently to cause the issue to become so frequent.


            (I looked for your email to Support and didn't find it. Sorry if our spam handling ate it.)


            Bob Currier

            Synthetic Aperture

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              creative1c23402748 Level 1

              Hi Bob,

              Thanks your your help. I'll try what you're suggesting, and see what happens. I'll get back to you with the results.


              Thanks again,


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                Hello, I have the CC 2015 of after effects also, and the color finesse just reverted to the trial version. This happened today and I've been using it for some time.

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                  Bob Currier Level 3

                  Can you post your system and software specs? In particular AE and OS versions (exact versions down to last decimal point)?


                  We''re trying to pin down what might be in common between the people experiencing this.


                  Also be sure to check out my suggestions in my message earlier in this thread.


                  Bob Currier

                  Synthetic Aperture

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                    darylm1016 Level 1

                    Sorry for the delay.  The issue remains.  The version of AE is (2015.2 Release).  The OS is Windows 10 Home edition.