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    InDesign CS6 crashes under various circumstances

    Mitch Romanowski

      I am having trouble with CS6 ever since I did a software upgrade to version 10.7.5. I had previously upgraded my MacPro 1,1 to 10.7.


      When I attempt a cut and paste, inDesign CS6 crashes. It also happens when I try to export a pdf.


      When I go to open the program again, I receive several warnings:


      • Adobe InDesign does not recognize Package and Preflight.InDesignPlugin as a valid plug-in. Please reinstall the Package and Preflight.InDesignPlugin plug-in and retart InDesign


      • Cannot load Tagged Text filters UI.InDesignPlugin because it requires Tagged Text Attributes. Please install the Tagged Text Attributes plug-in and restart InDesign.


      Any help would be appreciated.