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    Adobe stock clip art/vector graphics



      I'm new to Adobe Stock.  I usually purchase all of my clipart and graphics through another website.  When I purchase them it's usually with several graphics on one page.  I then am able to save each clipart graphic and use maybe one at a time for different projects.  I create invitations and such.  So, I might just use 1 of the graphics that I purchased instead of all 10 of them for example.

      I purchased a license that had 18 images on the form (file type: ai/eps).  I downloaded it onto my computer.  I then went into Photoshop to create an invitation.  I went to my purchased license and all the images are on it.  I can't seperate the images.  Am I downloading this incorrectly?  I'm used to having several png items that I can choose from instead of the whole image with 18 images on it.  Help!!


      Thank you,