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    New Root appears for data when rendering form

    tarekahf Level 2

      We are using the sample code below to render the form.


      Just recently, we noticed that when the form is rendered and the XML is exported using Adobe Acrobat, we see a new root showing on top of the previous root node. For example, of the data structure looks as follows:




      it will become like the following:




      Sample code used:


          PDFFormRenderSpec pdfFormRenderSpec = new PDFFormRenderSpec(
          true, //boolean cacheEnabled
          true,//boolean taggedPDF
          false,//boolean linearizedPDF
          null,//String seedPDF
          null,//String xCIURI
          sCharSet,//String charset
          RenderAtClient.Yes,//key to dynamic forms!
          sLocale,// locale
          false, //standAlone
                  //Specify URI values that are required to render a form
                  URLSpec uriValues = new URLSpec(); 
                  //Invoke the renderPDFForm method and write the 
                  //results to a client web browser
                  FormsResult formOut = formsClient.renderPDFForm(
                              formName,               //formQuery
                              oInputData,             //inDataDoc
                              pdfFormRenderSpec,      //PDFFormRenderSpec
                              uriValues,                //urlSpec
                              null            //attachments
                  //Create a Document object that stores form data
                  myData = formOut.getOutputContent();
                  myData = readerExtensionsApply(sRECert, myFactory, myData);



      Appreciate your help to resolve this problem.