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    Potential bug in Export as FCPXML

    innerspaceouterspace Level 1

      It appears that there's possibly a bug with calling and handling network paths


          exportActiveSequenceAsXML : function(path) {
              var seq = app.project.activeSequence
              if (seq != null) {
                  // seq.exportAsFinalCutProXML(path, 1); // 1 == suppress UI
              } else {
                  alert("No active sequence.");


      The alert(path) shows the path is correct before being sent to exportAsFinalCutProXML as shown below:



      And then right when it calls the seq.exportAsFinalCutProXML(path) and I turn off the UI suppression, it alerts with this:


      Showing that the path is getting oddly interpreted. I can make a temporary fix using external processes, but this isn't the first time I've run into this bug and it seems like an actual bug. Doing the same thing in Extendscript also produces unfavorable results.



      It should be noted that giving it a local path does not produce these results.