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    Help Understanding Double Billing for Same Product on the Same Account


      Recently I realized that I was being double charged on my Creative Cloud Account for the same exact products billed to the same exact credit card. Additionally I should say that I had two accounts open still somehow. This is because I lost access to the email associated with the account and could not login. When I spoke to Adobe at that time they advised that I create a new account with a new email, which I did. That being said, each month for almost a year I was charged $31.79 and the new account as well. (I admit I'm not real good about verifying all my monthly on-line automatic subscriptions but assumed Adobe, being a highly established and popular business, would get it right). I called and the first representative I spoke to today understood the problem and transferred me to get a refund, however once transferred the representative was not only not understanding but rude and only gave me a refund for 6 months. As of today they canceled the account I haven't used and being billed twice a month for but only refunded me 6 months of more than 12 months of double billings. The representative tried to tell me he was doing me a favor because I wasn't being charged the normal early termination fee. He became so confused and so did I at this point that I said I would like to get some additional assistance here in the forums...


      1. I'm trying to understand why in the world they would even charge me a cancellation fee when I was clearly NOT canceling an account, just making a change, which was done according to how they instructed me and of course to which they do not recognize now?


      2. How can I be charged on the same exact account for the same exact product with activation of the said product on only one single computer and no other users (not to mention I barely used the product)?


      Any help or guidance would be appreciated!