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    Error message: Could not complete your request because a jpeg marker segment length is too short


      I am subscribed to CS 2015.  Because I was frustrated trying to learn Lightroom, I fell back on uploading my photos into Bridge.  When trying to open photos in Photoshop, the subject error message suddenly appeared on any of 43,000 files I have on a WD ext. hard drive.  I have been using my subscription several months with no problems.  A google search for others with same problem found several over the past few years and the replies seemed to boil down to "the files are corrupt" and no solutions given.  I was quite distressed.  Tried several more times with same error message.  Today, I tried again and bingo - everything worked just fine.  I am relieved but worried that it will happen again or that I did something to cause that error message.  I am not a tech person so if anyone can give me some insight on this issue, I would be grateful.  I have backup on another hard drive, but was afraid to open in CS2015 if the files were going to be corrupted.