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    Overset text when starting new paragraph


      InDesign CC has started giving me issues on my ASUS Zenbook (Windows 10). This does not affect other computers I've used (two different iMacs), and the file I originally encountered this issue with works perfectly fine with the other computers.


      Whenever I hit return (of any kind. Keypad enter, carriage return, soft return) it results in the next paragraph becoming overset text. I've checked online, and none of the solutions provided have solved the issue. The text frame isn't too small. Nothing in Text Frame Options is causing issues. Nothing with indents or spacing. Nothing with Keep Options. Nothing with text wrap.


      I've gone so far as to uninstall InDesign, delete the preferences and reinstall, yet the issue still persists.


      This basically makes InDesign useless, because I'd need to create a new text frame for each individual paragraph.

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          Why don't you start a new file, create a text box, enter a sentence, then whack Return (creating the overset issue) then save the resulting file and post a link to it here? We can do questions and answers to figure out your issue, but you say you've already tried everything.


          My hunch is No Break in local formatting, or maybe a character style. (Or maybe in a Next Style?) You didn't mention No Break, so it's just a guess.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            There have been some notebooks out there, and this is probably one of them, that map both the alpha Enter and the numpad Enter together. Pressing the numlock key should change the behavior if that's the case.


            If this is what is happening, you can edit the keyboard shortcuts to change both keys to insert a paragraph break (numpad enter is a column break by default) and create a new shortcut for the column break if you need one.

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              Azurakna Level 1

              No Break isn't having any effect. And I've checked styles. Everything's at the default values.

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                Azurakna Level 1

                I'll have to see about this. My laptop doesn't have a numpad, so it doesn't have numlock either.


                I've already had to make custom keybinds to give my enter key extra functions (such as using the numpad enter behavior when Enter+function is pressed). I'm going to check if something got screwed up in the custom binds, and also try creating a numlock bind see if that helps.

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                  Azurakna Level 1

                  The custom fn+Enter bind I created to make the normal enter/return key have the numpad enter column break behavior when I needed it just turned into the normal function for the enter/return key. It decided to change itself and get rid of the condition that required the combination of the function key and enter.


                  I don't know why this happened, and it will probably remained a mystery.


                  Anyway, it's no wonder I couldn't find what was going wrong with InDesign, because it wasn't InDesign that was having the problem. It was a issue with my system's keybind registry files.